Glamorously Green Pageants

National Titleholder Agreement:


  •   Will be under contract with Glamorously Green pageants for the duration of their reign(a separate national titleholder contract will be required to be signed, immediately after the crowning/coronation of her title)

  • Shall not at any time thereafter commercially exploit her title in any way whatsoever and all her activities must be approved in writing by the national pageant.

  • Shall conduct herself with decorum during her reign and shall NOT commit any immoral, illegal or any act or behavior which, in the sole opinion of the Directors could bring disrepute, ridicule or contempt to the title, the image and reputation.

  • Will not enter/participate as a candidate in any other beauty competition during her reign, without expressed written consent of the Glamorously Green pageants. National titleholders who held titles in other pageant systems may no longer promote said titles and will be required remove any/all references on social media, website or message boards

  • Will NOT, during her reign, sign or enter into any contract or agreement with individuals, organizations or companies and will not give any written or verbal product endorsements or be associated with any commercial organizations as it relates to her title without prior written consent of the National Directors.

  • Agrees to travel, as requested, for official functions and be involved in shows, personal appearances, press conference and other events arranged by the National Directors.  During such trips, she may be provided with free airfare, hotel accommodations and some meals.

  • Shall return to the Host City of the succeeding year’s Glamorously Green Pageants competition to crown her successor.

  • Shall relinquish, terminate, revoke, cancel and/or rescind all contract(s) and/or commitments, written or otherwise, which she may have entered into prior to joining the Glamorously Green pageants and which, in the sole opinion of the National Directors would directly or indirectly conflict with her duties and obligations as a national titleholder.

  • For the duration of my reign, hereby appoint Glamorously Green pageant as my sole and exclusive Agent and authorized to enter into contracts or agreements involving my appearances or performance, as it relates to the her title.  

  • Will serve as a spokesperson and recruiter for the Glamorously Green Pageant and agrees to dedicate time and energy to her title, while promoting the pageant and its cause to any and all potential sponsors and national semifinalists.

  • Agrees to arrange and make a minimum of two (2) appearances per month during her reign.  The national directors will assist in seeking appearances, whether paid or unpaid, and agrees to supply proof of appearances in electronic format as specified by the Glamorously Green Pageants.

  • Agrees to uphold and respect her crown and banner, protrecting all trademarks and brand of the Glamourously Green Pageants.

  • Agrees to maintain social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams) that reflect a positive image of the herself, her title and the Glamorously Green Pageants and will ensure any unapproved usage of her image as the national titleholder on any unapproved social media pages, will be immediately addressed and removed.

  • Agrees to contact the Glamorously Green Pageants and its national directors at least once a month for updates and to maintain trust and personal relationships.

  • Agrees to inform the national pageant of any changes to her appearance, her schedule or obligations

  • Agrees to inform the national pageant of any trademark or brand violations and will use the titles, trademarks and brand properly.

  • Agrees not to support, promote or lend herself to any other pageants or pageant systems without expressed approval from the Glamorously Green Pageants.  Pageants within the Glamorously Green Pageants are exempt .